Centre for Gas Separations

The aim of the CGS is to develop synthesis strategies to tailor-make novel materials for gas separations that are based on a fundamental understanding of materials properties and molecular interactions.

Developing the science to tailor-make materials in which “every atom is at exactly the right place” to separate gases addresses one the Grand Challenges, specifically “How Do We Design and Perfect Atom- and Energy-Efficient Syntheses of Revolutionary New Forms of Matter with Tailored Properties?” as described in the report “Directing Matter and Energy: Five Chal-lenges for Science and the Imagination.”

The focus of a key portion of our research will be the development of materials for carbon capture, and as such we directly address the use-inspired priority direction “Basic Research Needs for Carbon Capture: Beyond 2020.”

In addition, the development of efficient gas separations could play a key role in the production of hydrogen from natural gas or renewable energy sources (Hydrogen Economy) and in the conversion of CO2 into fuels using sunlight (Solar Energy Utilization).

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