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Laurent Marquis

CEO Wave Star
Website: WE-TV Interview


Photo of Laurent Marquis

Wavestar’s demonstrator machine in Denmark generated a total of 45MWh in the last period of 12 consecutive months with an operational time of 89%. The production is according to the expectations despite the fact that further improvement is necessary for the Wavestar machines to be attractive for commercial investments. Most importantly, the demonstrator has given 4 years of maintenance and operation experience, being a unique achievement within the wave energy field. Development activities have been initiated to increase the production through improvements in the PTO performance and reduction of the costs.

Biography: Laurent Marquis has worked for 7 years in Wavestar, and since 2015 he has been CEO in the company. Laurent has many years of experience in product development for machine and process builders as well as in leading technical staff (technician and engineers). He has a solid experience in automation process, hydraulic and mechanical design.