Current construction of classic offshore wind turbines is associated with enormous technical, environmental and financial challenges. It is therefore crucial for the offshore wind industry to minimize these costs and risks.
Another question of vital significance for the industry is the development of projects in deeper water with high wind yields, as the available areas suitable for conventional foundations are already widely utilized.
Approximately 75% of the global offshore potential is located in areas with water depths greater than 30 meters; at least two-thirds are in water depths greater than 50 meters. The GICON® SOF floating offshore substructure for wind turbines provides an ideal solutionfor these challenges.
The SOF itself is a mooring line stabilized platform (tension leg platform) for the operation phase. For the T&I phase the platform is buoyancy stabilized. In comparison to other solutions this is an unique behavior.
Depending on the wind turbine size the SOF can be deployed in water depths of 18-500 meters while achieving LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) below 10€ cent/kWh.
The entire structure, including tower and turbine, is completely assembled in a wharf or port and then towed to the deployment site where it can be installed without additional costly installation vessels.
The R&D project started in 2009 and includes renowned academic partners. Fabrication of a full-scale prototype commenced in 2014. Besides its R&D activities, GICON provides offshore services such as approval planning and ecological monitoring.