Invenergy Energy Storage

The grid is moving from a centralized linear model where large fossil-fueled generators create electricity and transmit it over long power lines to customers, to a decentralized networked model where generation and load are embedded throughout the grid and renewables become a major source of electricity. These changing grid dynamics require buffering devices, like Grand Ridge Energy Storage, to improve the flow of energy and keep supply and demand in equilibrium.

In order to meet the challenges of grid transformation, Invenergy is turning to its roots in innovation to find solutions. Invenergy’s Grand Ridge Energy Center is our vision of the future of energy. At the site we combine 210 MW of wind generation, 20 MW of solar generation and 36 MW of energy storage to create an example of what we think the future of electricity generation looks like.

Currently, Grand Ridge Energy Storage is used to manage second to second fluctuations between electricity supply and demand. Balancing supply and demand keeps power flowing smoothly and safely across the grid. Historically, the grid used fossil-fueled generators to provide this critical service. These generators are an important part of the grid, but they aren’t able to quickly change output to perfectly match supply and demand. If these traditional generators are large cargo planes, then energy storage is a fighter jet. Energy storage can respond to a directional change in a tenth of a second. As a result of the rapid response characteristics of the system, 1 MW of storage can replace up to 3 MW of traditional generation and provide greater system reliability.