Kristiina Söderholm, Head of Nuclear R&D at Fortum

World Energy TV speaks with Kristiina Söderholm, Head of Nuclear R&D at Fortum at the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2015.

Kristiina began her nuclear career in 2001 through the MSc Thesis discussing severe nuclear accidents and completed her MSc studies in physics, in 2004.

In 2013 she completed her doctorate degree in nuclear engineering with a PhD thesis on licensing process development for Small Modular Reactors.

Kristiina has worked in several new NPP projects in different safety and licensing roles. Her responsibilities have included wide range of specialized fields, including licensing process development, technical specifications and bid evaluations, systems engineering and project management as well as various nuclear safety related responsibilities.

Currently Kristiina works as Head of Nuclear R&D in Fortum, she is board member in Finnish national R&D programs, and she is co-chair of the World Nuclear Association CORDEL SMR Group.

Kristiina has various publications in SMR, licensing and systems engineering fields.