Nuclear Leeds

The UK’s nuclear legacy is large, complex and diverse and our future waste arisings will be no different. Together they present multiple challenges to finding viable technology for its ultimate treatment, storage and disposal is essential. Quantities range from small stocks of exotic fuels, through bulk LWR fuel from new build, to very large quantities of of lower activity wastes from decommissioning.

New knowledge and technology is still needed in areas such as waste recovery from storage facilities and stable wasteforms for different wastes over geological timescales. The range of available recycle technologies that can process spent fuel and the types fuel for potential future fast reactor is also wide.

The UK Government remains committed to Nuclear Power as an important part of the energy generation capacity over the next 30 to 50 years, and possibly beyond, but in order to achieve any continuation of nuclear power in the UK, solutions to deal with our legacy and with future spent fuels, must be found that are safe, economic and publicly acceptable.

The University of Leeds, are at the forefront of UK nuclear fission research, specialising in engineering solutions to deal with our legacy and future wastes.


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