ICEO 2016 | Peter Fraenkel, Technical Director of Fraenkel-Wright

Peter Fraenkel is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Energy Institute and a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh. He has recently formed a company called Fraenkel-Wright Ltd with Martin Wright which has a capability in renewable energy consultancy with an emphasis on marine applications.  This company is promoting the need for scaling up tidal turbine technology to make it commercially competitive with other methods of generation.

Peter was co-founder, inventor of the technology and until March 2012, Technical Director for Marine Current Turbines Ltd., a UK company, now owned by Siemens, that has pioneered the development of tidal turbines. He is also working on the development of a novel electro-mechanical energy storage system through a newly formed business called Gravitricity Ltd.