[Podcast] The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Economy

Climate change is forecast to have a profound impact on macroeconomic growth and the performance of countries around the world on multiple levels.

These impacts will be widespread, encompassing every aspect of future development, including food production, urbanisation and demographics. In extreme cases, it is likely to worsen socioeconomic disparities in and between countries and regions. This session will discuss how governments should approach the economic planning required to mitigate against climate change, as well as policies required.

Moderator: Dr. Mari Luomi, Senior Research Fellow, Emirates Diplomatic Academy


Sebastian Kind, Undersecretary, Renewable Energy, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Argentina
Dr Axel Michaelowa, Head of Research, International Climate Policy, University of Zurich
Michael Liebreich, Senior Contributor, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Elizabeth Press, Director, Planning and Programme Support, IRENA
Rudolph Lohmeyer, Vice President, AT Kearney Global Business Policy Council