Preston Swafford, Chief Nuclear Officer and Executive Vice-President Nuclear Company at SNC-Lavalin

Preston Swafford is SNC-Lavalin’s Chief Nuclear Officer and Executive Vice-President, Nuclear.

He oversees all operations carried out by the Nuclear business unit, including the design and delivery of CANDU® reactors (EC6®, CANMOX™ and AFCR™).

The nuclear team also carries out life extension projects, plant life management programs and tools, and operation and maintenance services (both BOP and NSP) for existing light water reactor and CANDU nuclear power stations across Canada and in key international markets.

Prior to this, Preston spent seven years at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), where he most recently held the role of Executive Vice-President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Nuclear Power Group. In that position, he was responsible for managing the company’s nuclear fleet and providing stable power from six nuclear operating units.

Preston joined TVA in 2006 as Senior Vice-President, Nuclear Support, before being appointed Executive Vice-President, Fossil Power Group, a year later.

He has also held high-level positions at Exelon Corporation, including that of Senior Vice-President, Exelon Energy Delivery-Operations and Technical Service.

Preston has been certified as a Senior Reactor Operator on a U.S.-designed light water reactor. He has served as a member of the Nuclear Safety Review Board (NSRB) for the Ginna nuclear power plant in Rochester, New York, and as Chairman of the NSRB at the Bruce Power site Ontario.

He also serves as a member of the recently formed international advisory group to the Japan Nuclear Safety Institute (JANSI). Preston holds a Master’s of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri.