Solarway | Improving Lives Across Africa

Solarway is a forward thinking creative think tank that develops personalised and sustainable power solutions for people with limited or no access to power.

Their development teams design, create and engineer solar powered products that can perform in the most extreme conditions bringing the ability to have light at night and to power communication so necessary for localised economies.

Increased Health And Safety In Homes

Millions of people around the world live with no connection to their national electric grid.

As a result, large segments of the worlds population rely on hazardous forms of flame-based lighting, which produce very low levels of light output not to mention the negative health implications such as indoor air pollution which can cause tuberculosis and in some cases cancer.

Kerosene lamps are also the cause of many death through ingestion and fires in homes from lamps being knocked over. Our solar powered light products are safe, sustainable and provide extremely bright light for long periods of time.

Providing Better Brighter Environments For Studying

Millions of children around the world are studying in poorly lit toxic environments due to the fumes from kerosene lamps.

Solarway’s customers have seen vast improvements in their children’s education due to the fact that their children are now able to study in bright fume-less environments once it gets dark.

The development and education of our children is key to a better future and at Solarway we feel it is our duty to help parents provide better brighter environments by developing more safer, affordable, durable and sustainable solutions to light and power.

Enabling Rural Business

Typically in rural areas around the world where there are no reliable energy sources, once it becomes dark, productivity reduces and in some cases comes to a complete halt due to a lack of adequate lighting.

Studies have shown that customers with businesses in rural areas have enjoyed and increase in income due to the fact that they are able to continue working once it gets dark. Solarway to develop and manufacture products that enables them to work longer which in turn helps them to grow their business and support the local community.

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