ICOE 2016 | Sue Barr, Environment and External Affairs Manager at OpenHydro

OpenHydro, a DCNS company, has been involved in the design, testing, manufacture and deployment of tidal turbines globally for a number of years. Their project portfolio spans a broad range of jurisdictions, including projects in the UK (Scotland and Northern Ireland), Canada, France and the Channel Islands. This presentation aims to give an overview of the experience gained in acquiring the statutory consents for these projects, including the consideration of environmental constraints through the design and development phases, stakeholder engagement issues and unique insights into the regulatory frameworks to which ocean energy deployments must adhere. From this, the presentation will also explore how to be successful in gaining consent for marine energy projects, including key considerations in early phase developments.

Biography: Since 2007, Sue has undertaken a number of executive management roles within OpenHydro representing the company externally, as well as directly with clients and joint-venture parties on securing consent and managing project development. She plays a key role in contributing to and driving policy and decision making in the marine area, both in the UK and internationally. Sue has extensive experience in the marine renewables industry spanning 15 years and contributes to several national and international groups with her key expertise residing in renewable energy policy, industry development, site selection, project development, EIA and consenting of marine renewable projects.