WEC Congress | Africa Renewables Update: The Reality of Scaling Up

Renewables are not only a solution to mitigate environmental impacts, but in an increasing number of cases they have become the most cost effective way to generate and deliver electricity. In many rural contexts in Africa, renewables are meanwhile providing an engine for local development and poverty reduction. Meanwhile, independent power producers enable attracting foreign investments and deliver projects with increasing ambition.


  1. What are the success stories and critical success factors?
  2. What are the barriers preventing the development of renewable energy, and how can these be overcome?
  3. Are renewables and distributed energy the key to rural development?
Discussion Leader(s): David Humphrey , Standard Bank , Head of Power & Infrastructure, South Africa ; Bruno Bensasson, Chief Executive Officer, Engie Africa Business Unit, ENGIE, France ; Christina Ulardic, Head of Market Development Africa, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Switzerland ; Samuel Undenge, Minister of Energy and Power Development, Government of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe ; Albert Mugo, Managing Director and CEO, Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd., Kenya
Topic: Trilemma frontiers