WEC Congress | Climate of Innovation: Hard Technology Choices and Innovation Priorities

The World Energy Council’s scenarios illustrate that technology innovation has to be a critical part of the solution to move towards a clean energy future. Without breakthrough innovation in areas such as CCS or electric storage, and continued innovation in energy efficiency, renewables, clean transport and system resilience, the objectives set at COP21 or by the UN sustainable development goal nr. 7 will be difficult if not impossible to achieve. Twenty of the world’s largest economies have recognised this on the side-lines of the Paris COP21 meeting and committed to double their clean energy research and development investment over the next five years. Equally impressive commitments have been made by industry leaders forming the Breakthrough Coalition. The necessity for companies and governments to be part of the innovation frontier is a powerful imperative and also a significant opportunity that will define tomorrow’s winners and losers.


  1. Which are the critical innovation areas to be considered a priority for RD&D?
  2. In which areas can partnerships beat the innovation power of markets?
  3. What are the best examples for successful innovation partnerships?
Discussion Leader(s): Rainer Baake, State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Government of Germany, Germany ; Tufan Erginbilgic, Chief Executive, Downstream, BP, UK ; Taehee Woo, Vice Minister of Energy and Trade, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, Government of Korea, South Korea ; Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy, Government of UAE, UAE