WEC Congress | Driving the Vision for Regional Integration

Africa is blessed with a vast and diverse wealth of energy resources, from deep oil and gas reserves to great potential for renewable energy sources, including solar and large hydropower projects. However, the region’s energy wealth is unevenly distributed and the lack of regional integration has led to enormous untapped potential. Similarly, opportunities for the storage of oil, gas and electricity are unevenly split. Many energy challenges have their most effective solutions in collaboration that goes beyond the borders of individual countries. This makes international collaboration and regional integration in terms of infrastructure and markets critical as it will lead to Trilemma benefits and increased competitiveness for the entire region.



  1. What are the priority energy infrastructure and institutional projects across Africa with regards to regional integration?
  2. What are the key benefits of these projects for the region and how can these be illustrated with success stories?
  3. What are key barriers and enabling conditions for these projects and how can the region’s governments and key stakeholders work together to enhance the Trilemma ranking for the entire region?
  4. How can we as a group best use World Energy Council’s platform to support the ongoing regional integration efforts?
Discussion Leader(s): Morlaye Bangoura, Comissioner, Energy and Mines, ECOWAS, Nigeria ; Reuel Khoza, Chairman, Globeleq, South Africa ; Taylor V. Ruggles, Regional Energy Counselor for Africa, Government of USA, USA ; Samuel Undenge, Minister of Energy and Power Development, Government of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe ; Mutaz Musa Abdullah Salim, Minister of Electricity and Water Resources , Government of Sudan, Sudan ; Cheick Taliby Sylla, Minister of Energy, Government of Guinea, Guinea
Topic: Trilemma frontiers