WEC Congress | Energy Efficiency: Accelerating Progress

According to the World Energy Council’s Issues Monitor, energy efficiency is among the top action priorities for energy leaders globally. The G20, the clean energy ministerial, or the UN sustainable development goal nr. 7, all point to the critical contribution of energy efficiency for achieving a low carbon economy. Yet, real progress is far behind the objective of 2.6% annual energy intensity improvement. It will require substantial additional efforts to further develop and deploy energy efficient technologies, urban design solutions and matching individual behaviours. Main barriers to overcome include fossil fuel subsidies, lack of international standards e.g. in shipping or aviation, and difficulties in aligning diverging owner, user and regulatory interests.


  1. What are key success stories in energy efficiency and lessons learned?
  2. Has the Paris Agreement added momentum for increasing energy efficiency?
  3. What efforts are needed in the developing world to achieve greater energy efficiency? Are the solutions different to those needed in the developed world?
Discussion Leader(s): Brian Motherway, Head of Energy Efficiency, IEA, France, Metropolitan ; Thorsten Herdan, Director-General, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany ; Levent Taşkın, President of Turkey, Middle East & Africa Region, Danfoss ; Bontha Prasada Rao , Chairman and Managing Directpr, BHEL, India ; Didier Bosseboeuf, Coordinator of International Studies, ADEME, France
Topic: Technology frontiers