WEC Congress | European Electricity Market Harmonisation and the Role of Market Designs

Today electricity generated from renewables is one of the most important sources of power, supporting the grand transition towards a low carbon economy. However, its zero marginal cost, the vanishing entry barriers for new players, the increasing decentralisation and digitalisation are challenging and transforming the electricity market at an unprecedented speed. New solutions and services ranging from automated demand response over grid storage solutions or power to gas to internet of things challenge the classic market frameworks and utility business models. The electricity market requires a reboot to adapt to this new reality.


  1. What are the key ingredients for a successful electricity market 2.0?
  2. With increasing interconnection and co-dependency of critical infrastructure, what linked markets are affected?
  3. Should national or regional institutions lead the re-design process?
  4. What are key solutions for no deregulated monopolistic market structures to cope with challenges arising from the rapid transition?
Discussion Leader(s): Fintan Slye, Chief Executive, EirGrid, Ireland(Republic of) ; Dalius Misiūnas, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer , Lietuvos Energija, Lithuania ; Patrick Graichen, Executive Director, Agora Energiewende, Germany
Topic: Governance frontiers