WEC Congress | New Energy Realities

The world is undergoing a Grand Transition driven by a combination of factors including the fast-paced development of new technologies, an unstoppable digital revolution, global environmental challenges and changing growth and demographic patterns. Over the coming years this energy transformation has the potential to change the way in which we produce and consume energy. This will impact operating models and the economic foundation of both nation states and businesses, leading to a rebalancing across sectors and regions with knock-on effects on the wider global economy.

This session aims to summarise the key features of the new energy realities that have been discussed during the 23rd World Energy Congress, as well as their critical implications.


  1. What are the critical implications from new energy realities?
  2. What are the key policy, trade, resilience, governance and innovation imperatives?
Discussion Leader(s): Jeroen Van der Veer, Chairman Supervisory Board; Executive Chair, Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure, ING Group; World Energy Council, The Netherlands ; Joan MacNaughton, Executive Chair, World Energy Trilemma, World Energy Council, UK ; Gerald Davis, Executive Chair, World Energy Scenarios, World Energy Council; President & CEO, Forescene S.A., UK ; Timothy Richards, Executive Chair, Rules of Trade, World Energy Council, USA ; Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, Executive Chair, World Energy Resources, World Energy Council, Germany