WEC Congress | Renewable Energy Systems: Learning from Large-Scale Integration

Renewable energy sources, including hydropower, now account for around 30% of the total global installed power generating capacity, and 23% of total global electricity production. Renewables have undoubtedly become big business, reaching a record $286 Billion investment in new renewables capacity in 2015. However, the increasing share of intermittent renewables still presents a number of challenges. Generally, an energy system that lacks effective market signals to deliver back-up capacity or storage to effectively integrate the increasing share of intermittent renewables and a lack of transmission planning has repeatedly lead to regional bottlenecks or to the idling of new renewable capacity.


  1. What are the key learnings from large-scale integration and what are success stories to large scale renewables integration?
  2. What are market designs that have successfully incentivised back-up and storage capacity?
  3. What are the lessons learnt to ensure adequate regional planning and transmission capacities?


Background Reading

Variable renewable energy sources integration in electricity systems 2016 – How to get it right


Discussion Leader(s): Boris Schucht, Chief Executive Officer, 50Hertz Transmission, Germany ; Claudio Facchin, President and Global Head of Power Grids, ABB Group , Switzerland ; Georges Antoun, Chief Commercial Officer, First Solar, Inc., USA ; Carlo Pignoloni, Head of Europe and North Africa Area, Enel Green Power, Italy ; Ziya Altunyaldiz, Committee Chairman for the Industry, Trade and Energy Committee, in the 26. Term, Turkish Grand National Assembly, Turkey
Topic: Technology frontiers