WEC Congress | The Road to Resilience: Managing and Mitigating Extreme Weather Risks

The energy industry is going through extraordinary change and has to become resilient against a number of new and growing risks: WEC considers the following three resilience areas as priority: 1) the increasing competition for water and a tightening energy, water and food nexus, 2) the increasing frequency of and exposure to extreme weather events, and 3) the increasing digitization and interconnection with exposure to cyber risks. This session will explore infrastructure solutions, financing and policy solutions that are needed to prepare for the ‘new normal’ and ensure increased energy system resilience.


  1. What are the most significant new risks faced by the energy industry?
  2. How are these new risks impacting on the design, operation of, and investment in, the energy system?
  3. How can new long-lived energy investments best be de-risked and thus attract necessary capital?


Background Reading

The road to resilience – managing and financing extreme weather risk

Discussion Leader(s): Juerg Trueb, Managing Director, Head Environmental and Commodity Markets, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, Switzerland ; Claudia Cronenbold, Chair, Bolivia Member Committee; President, World Energy Council; Bolivian Chamber of Hydrocarbons and Energy (CBHE), Bolivia ; Albert Mugo, Managing Director and CEO, Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd., Kenya ; José da Costa Carvalho Neto, Former President and CEO, Eletrobras, Brazil
Topic: Finance frontiers