WEC Congress | The Role of Multipurpose Hydropower in a Water-Stressed World

Hydropower provides over 16% of global electricity production and the sector has the potential to double its capacity to 2,000GW by 2050. Emerging markets are increasingly recognising the benefits that multipurpose hydropower can bring in a water-stressed world; in addition to delivering clean low-cost electricity and enhancing energy security, hydropower can provide water services, encourage regional cooperation and be a pillar of economic development. However, increasing competition for water usage, a higher frequency of droughts and flooding over the past decades, as well as the potential effects of new developments on local environments and communities are challenges that have to be carefully managed.


  1. How can the sector best manage the increasing competition for water?
  2. What are good examples on how the sector can manage more regular droughts and extreme weather events?
  3. Is regional integration a critical condition to further support the development of hydropower projects?
Discussion Leader(s): Richard Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, International Hydropower Association (IHA), UKAlbert Cordeiro Geber de Melo, Director General, Electrical Energy Research Center (Cepel), Brazil ; Simone Rossi, Group Senior Vice President, International Division, Electricité de France (EDF), France ; Ernst Zeller, Regional Director EMEA, Global Head Marketing and Sales, Hydropower and Renewable Energy, Pöyry PLC, Austria
Topic: Technology frontiers