WEC Congress | Scenarios 2060: The Grand Transition

In order to explore the Grand Transition, the World Energy Council has built three energy scenarios – Modern Jazz, Unfinished Symphony and Hard Rock – which comprehensively develop possible paths toward 2060. Modern Jazz is a world driven by markets, strong innovation and rapid deployment of new technologies; Unfinished Symphony is a world of strong states direction, with energy policy priorities focused on security and climate change; and Hard Rock is a fragmented world with a weak economy and strong nationalism.



  1. What are the major challenges that the world and its energy sector will face on the pathways to 2060?
  2. Which will be the most critical innovation areas?
  3. What does the future energy industry look like? Who wins and who loses?
Discussion Leader(s): Isabelle Kocher, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE, France ; Steve Bolze, President & CEO, GE Power, USA ; Gerald Davis, Executive Chair, World Energy Scenarios, World Energy Council; President & CEO, Forescene S.A., UK ; Fatih Birol, Executive Director , IEA, France ; Regine Günther, Climate and Energy Practice Leader, WWF, Germany ; Willi Meixner, CEO, Power and Gas, Siemens , Germany ; Yağız Eyüboğlu, President, Energy Group, Koç Holding, Turkey
Topic: Technology frontiers