WEC Congress | Smart Grids Update: Engaging with the Prosumer

The vision for smart grids is to enable integration and better coordination of intermittent renewables, decentralized storage opportunities and automated demand response and thereby minimize the need for expensive peak capacity. With the development of the internet of things (IoT), the possibilities seem open-ended yet, the business case for smart grids has not been obvious for utilities. Meanwhile, cyber risks add a further dimension where smart grids may provide solutions and add to the business case.


  1. What is a visionary storytelling of future smart grids with IoT?
  2. What are critical uncertainties and challenges?
  3. What are the desirable partnership and regulatory models for the future of energy delivery?
Discussion Leader(s): Hando Sutter, Chairman of the Management Board, Eesti Energia AS, Estonia ; Georg Kopetz, Member of the Executive Board, TTTech, Austria ; Julian Hardy, Chief Executive Officer, Eseye, UK ;Leonhard Birnbaum, Vice Chair for Europe; Member of the Board of Management , World Energy Council; E.ON , Germany ; Marc-Andre Forget, Chief Executive Officer, Ossiaco, Canada
Topic: Technology frontiers